Changeable weather.  Is it going to rain?  When is it going to rain?  How long is it going to rain for?  How often do you wish you could accurately answer those questions?  Well now you can!

EventMet provide a highly specialised radar service which utilises skilled operators to accurately track rainfall in very localised areas.  EventMet information provides the vital edge which aids decision making, virtually reducing to zero the guess work and uncertainty confronted by event organisers and team managers when faced with the impact of inclement weather. 

EventMet operators have over the last 15 years demonstrated a proven ability to deliver an accurate, to the minute, weather picture to numerous international sporting and cultural events.  Their efforts and support have directly contributed to winning F1 and World Endurance Motor racing team races.

EventMet's forecasting, surveillance & alert system is ideal for any event where accuracy of impending rainfall over an extended time period can be critically important.  Using a suite of fully integrated meteorological services, including their own mobile radar system, EventMet provides direct active surveillance and warnings of impending weather threats.

Having proven their capabilities to world renowned organisations at events watched by millions, EventMet have developed a system that can be available at any outdoor event where weather, especially rainfall, can be an important factor.  Our system is mounted in a fully mobile bespoke unit that can be optimally located virtually anywhere; however if required, the radar can be removed from the mobile unit and mounted on top of a building.  System location is an important aspect to our incredible accuracy.

EventMet operate a proven and reliable system that offers incredible accuracy to its customers and can be provided at surprisingly little cost. 

For further details and to discuss the possibility of a demonstration, please contact: office@eventmet.co.uk

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